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About Rachel Siporin



The Escape - Rachel SiporinMy work has evolved out of still life, spanning a thirty-year period. Painting and drawing exclusively from life, I composed using inspiration from an evolving collection of figurative objects, which I would work from, to tell autobiographical narratives. During the past two years, I have collected photographic images from the newspaper, searching with the same enthusiasm I had in my quest for the perfect object. The newspaper provides inspiration from a variety of images -floods, fires, movie stills, dance, operatic and theatrical productions, bombings, and street violence. I draw and paint from these images freehand, combining, and constructing an invented space - creating an amalgam of images from disparate photographs. This work continues to combine observation with formal concerns of composition and is executed with a brushy spontaneous zeal for the process of painting, for surface, and incident.  After thirty years of painting from life, I find I am utilizing photography in much the same way 19th century painters such as Degas, Manet and Courbet, have done. These photographic images have allowed me to be in places I could never travel to, witness events I am unable to. They freeze a moment; condense space so that scale and value contrasts are intensified. Frequently the images I am drawn to- explosions, man made and natural catastrophes- strike me as a product of invention- appearing less real than anything I have experienced visually, first hand.

Rachel Siporin is Professor of Art at Central Connecticut State University, having joined the full time faculty in 1984. Siporin received her BA from Brandeis University and her MFA from Yale University. Siporin’s work has been featured in recent solo exhibitions, Blindfold, at the Downtown Gallery, New Britain, Ct, 2008, and The Limit of the Marvelous at 55 Mercer Gallery, New York City, 2006. In addition Rachel Siporin was included in Focus Hartford, Paper New England, 2007, Grand Illusion at the Painting Center, New York City, 2006, and Family Business at the Susan Teller Gallery New York City, 2005. Recent reviews include, Rachel Siporin: Blindfold, Steve Starger, Art New England, August/September 2008, and It’s guns, atrocities and accomplices in “Blindfold” show, Rick Guiness, Art Review, The New Britain Herald, May 13, 2008.